Tree Planting

When it comes to tree planting, you should only work with professionals. You need a contractor with enough knowledge and experience to get the best results possible. When you book Western Tree Management’s tree planting service, that’s exactly what you’ll get. Our local expert arborists have all the relevant knowledge on the best trees for each environment and will be able to get the job done right for you.

Tree Transplant and Planting

Tree trans-planting

Trees are often planted in unsuitable locations where they start their life off as a small, manageable tree but over the years turn into a large tree with potential problems. When this happens, you really only have three options, regularly prune the tree, cut the tree down, or alternatively tree transplant might be an option.

If a tree can be safety excavated and you have a site that is suitable for re-planting or, an off-site location in mind then Western Tree Management may be able to help. We can provide you with an alternative to cutting down or removing your tree, instead transplanting it from an inappropriate location to a more suitable location.