Tree Recycling Services

We value the environment and do our best to recycle any waste from tree work. We endeavour to make the best use of the resources on your project and recycle all of the resources to provide you with the best experience and set a standard of renewability in the industry.

We frequently recycle through wood chipping and mulch supplies. All of the debris on our job sites are turned into mulch to assist with garden and landscaping.

Trees that are deemed unsafe for replanting are turned into wood chips. Wood chips can be found in playgrounds and schoolyards. We pride ourselves in being able to provide schools and playgrounds with the debris from our job sites as we are extremely proud of our place in the community.

Firewood supply is yet another way we recycle and reuse the debris from our jobs.

High quality timber can be milled if the tree allows. We are always looking out for useful timber based on the requests of individual clients. If you’re on the hunt for wood for a project of yours, we will be on the lookout during our other projects for timber that we can secure for you. Whether you’re looking for wood to build a table of yours or simply firewood, don’t hesitate to contact us.