In the event that an entire tree must be removed, you can have total confidence in the ability of Western Tree Management’s arborist’s and ground team to carry out the works in a safe and timely manner. Our staff are fully trained and highly experienced. You can have confidence in knowing we will complete the removal through careful felling or by dismantling when space is restricted due to proximity to buildings or services.

Western Tree Management are well known and respected for our ability to perform:

  • Large and complex removals
  • Difficult access/sensitive location removals
  • Storm damage and emergency works
  • Large scale tree removal /land clearing

Looking for a less permanent solution? Our team of experts specialises in the trimming of trees.

Whether you want to thin out the branches or add more aesthetic appeal, give us a call.

We have all the tools and know how to trim and reshape any tree in your yard.

Sometimes there’s no alternative but to remove a tree from your property.

When that happens, the last thing you want is an unsightly tree stump left behind. Trees stumps can pose many problems:

  • They’re easy to trip on, especially for young children or elderly people.
  • A stump attracts pests, including ants, termites and cockroaches.
  • They can interfere with your plans for planting, garden landscaping or paving.
  • Tree stumps attract fungi that can then spread to other trees.

We’ll remove your tree stump quickly and efficiently, and complete a thorough clean-up. The area will then be ready for landscaping or whatever you’ve got planned for that area.

Western Tree Management NSW Pty Ltd are very experienced in working with a variety of commercial clients, whether it be construction companies, civil companies, earthmoving companies, property and land developers, various government agencies, landscaping companies, airports and real estate.

Western Tree Management NSW Pty Ltd acknowledge and understand the importance of providing our clients with a reliable, punctual and professional service to ensure minimal impact on other on-site activities. We understand the importance of work health & safety and environmental requirements and have processes in place to comply with these  .

We are fast becoming highly sought after for the clearing of areas for new development. This is a reflection of the high standard of our workmanship, the caring for the surrounding property and environment, and the completion of projects when promised.

Our land clearing services include tree felling and removal, onsite mulching using wood chippers and use of our 4.2 tonne excavator, stump removal via extraction by using a large excavator or stump grinding as required. We have a proven reputation for clearing difficult access areas as well as felling using heavy machinery.

Western Tree Management has an extensive fleet of wholly owned and operated machinery ready to clear your yard, paddock, or roadway.

  • Tree felling and removal
  • Onsite mulching using wood chippers
  • Slashing
  • Manipulation of heavy vegetation using skid steers and excavators.

It can be very frustrating to watch your precious trees losing more and more leaves every night to possum browse.

Some trees can be protected by using, a clear polycarbonate band fixed around the stem called Possum Banding. This prevents possums from climbing into the tree and encourages them to find food elsewhere. It is necessary to isolate the canopy of a tree to prevent alternate access.

A combination of exclusion pruning and possum guard installation may be appropriate.

Alternatively where trees have been removed for whatever reason, manmade Nest Boxes can be installed to increase habitat for birds, bats, possums and other tree dwelling fauna.

Mulching offers multiple benefits to your trees and landscaped plants by:

  • replicating their natural environment
  • helping to conserve moisture
  • improving soil structure
  • reducing soil compaction
  • increasing soil aeration
  • increasing available nutrients
  • aids the growth of symbiotic fungi and beneficial microorganisms within the soil profile

Our extensive fleet includes:

  • Chipper Trucks
  • Tipping Trucks & Tipping Trailers
  • 18 inch Chipper
  • Bobcat Skid Steer
  • 4.2T Excavator with grab
  • Large capacity remote controlled Stump Grinder for increased safety
  • Elevated Work Platform that is maintained and in test/compliance
  • Portable Sawmill and an extensive range of chainsaws and equipment that is used in Arboriculture.

Potential hazards within trees may result from structural defects, environmental conditions, and inherent flaws specific to the species, or a combination of such factors. The symptoms that a hazardous tree displays may be simple and obvious; however, more often they can be complex and difficult to identify.

A pro-active approach that identifies potentially hazardous trees and formulates a program of mitigation is mandatory to retain a safe environment.

Early detection and correction of tree defects not only reduces hazards, but decreases maintenance costs. This results in healthier, longer-living trees, reduced landscaping costs, and, most importantly, fewer tree- related accidents resulting in less exposure to legal liabilities.

Western Tree Management utilizes many years of knowledge about tree species, biology, and structure, and are fully conversant with the rapidly advancing and changing field of risk assessment and tree hazard evaluation.